free PayPal fees calculator scriptFree PayPal Fee Calculator Script!
 Free for Business Owners to place in their website to collect payments without paying the PayPal fees

Tired of paying the PayPal fees every time you get a payment?
Our Free PayPal fee calculator script will fix that!.  The script works during the entire PayPal payment process, from customers entering their Name, Payment Amount, and Submitting their payment.  Everything happens before your Customer's eyes, in real time and saves you, the PayPal Fees!.  Quick - Simple - Neat, and best of all it's free...

1.) See Demo "Fixed Price Package" Perfect for Businesses who sell a set priced item.
2.) See Demo "No-Fee Package" The ideal solution for Businesses who have no set price.
If you already have an account with PayPal and either use a Buy it Now Button or set one up in the past but didn't use it because it looked too lame  Our Free PayPal Fee Calculator Script and detailed instructions will have you up and running in only minutes.  No Cgi, PHP, or Special requirements needed.  If you can upload 2 html Documents into your Website, and understand 1 Basic Instructions Sheet, "your all set".
From the owner of BillingPros.Com "Your Customers understand that Credit Card payments are a faster, easier, convenient way to get a payment out and will not mind paying the PayPal fees as long as they see what they are, during the payment submission process.  We designed this script in December of 2008 and since then about 85% of our customers, that use to pay us by check,  now pay us solely through our PayPal payment page.  Not a single customer of ours, has ever complained about having to pay the PayPal fees!.  Since so many have inquired about our PayPal Payment Page, We have decided to add the entire 2 Package Set in an easy downloadable zip file.  We know that many Businesses are having a hard time making ends meet in this economy so we are giving this Complete 2 Package Set away ....yes its totally Free".
Our Free PayPal Fee Calculator Script is easily tailored to blend seamlessly into your Business Website and once you install it, you will wonder why you ever paid the fees yourself.  Works with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and FireFox browsers.

Totally Free
For The Entire 2 Package Set!

Once you install our script and Log into your PayPal Account you will see your Gross, Fees and Net Amount.  Your Net Amount will - Now - be exactly what your Customers knowingly paid you.

STOP GETTING Fee Burned !  for offering to accept Credit Cards.

    click here for a demo

Both Packages comes complete with:
1.) very detailed Instructions Sheet,
html Coding Page,
1.) html Make A PayPal Payment Page,
...identical to the demo's shown which most people with basic web site creation and some computer experience should be able to understand. "see how we use this script in our own website" see it here!

Copyright infringement of our software is illegal:
You can not sell or distribute this software in any way, shape or form.
BillingPros retains all rights to this software (Free Pay Pal Fee Calculator Script).
Completely written, tested and distributed by Billing Pros.Com
PayPal Logo is a registered trademark of PayPal.
Never Pay the Pay Pal Fees again - Your Net Amount will be exactly what your Customers knowingly paid you.                                                                      

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