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This is a Demo of the No Fee Script Package ...the same PayPal payment script we use in our own website.  Because we are a Printing, Billing and Mailing Service Provider for Business Owners our client base consist of service type businesses that bill and mail their customers monthly, weekly, daily etc.  We handle the billing and mailing of Credit Card Companies, Internet Service Providers, Water Companies, Collection Companies, Security Businesses, Swimming Pool and Spa Cleaning Businesses, Religious and Community Fund Raising Letters and much more.  The amount of billing statements, invoices, letters, advertisements or what ever it is our clients send out is different each mailing they are either adding more accounts or removing accounts thus our clients can not predict exact amounts in any given mailing cycle.  So Rather than sending us a Check at a fixed amount which may not have enough money in it to cover their actual mailing request makes more sense for a-lot our clients to use our PayPal Payment Page.  To see how we use this in our own site and link our PayPal page just click on the "Contact Us" in any of our Billing Pros pages.


No More PayPal Fees