-- Legal Document --



This agreement dated (1)_______________________, is made By and Between

(2)________________________________________________________________________, whose address is

(3)_________________________________________________________________, referred to as "Client" and

(4) BILLING PROS, whose address is

(5) 19550 SANTA ROSA MINE RD.,  PERRIS, CA   92570, referred to as "BILLING PROS"

1. Parties to This Agreement. The Client, in order to properly conduct all or part of its business billing & mailing, employs BILLING PROS.  BILLING PROS is engaged in the business of providing independent billing and mailing, services and assistance to Clients.

2. Services to be Provided. During the length of this contract, BILLING PROS shall print the Clients statements, invoices or letters, insert the Clients __Statements,__ Invoices,__ Letters, into a__#10 Double Window, __#10 Single Window envelopes, insert __#9 Return Envelopes addressed to Clients address, add proper 1st class postage, mail all Clients billing statements or invoices in a timely manner: (6)__________. BILLING PROS will also provide telephone, email support, and advisory services to the Client when requested.

3. Payments to BILLING PROS. The Client agrees to pay BILLING PROS in either a personal check, business check, or money order made out to BILLING PROS for services at the following rate: (7)_____$, _____Cents per Statement or Invoice mailed.

4. Completed Mailing Pieces that do not pass Cass Certification will be hand stamped at an additional cost of: _____Cents above the service rate specified in line number 3.(7).

5. When Payments Are Due. BILLING PROS shall expect pre payment or pre bill the Client for pre services rendered based on the amount of accounts the Client expects to bill.

6. Additional Payment Options. Payment options are available for our Clients at 1/2 down with 15 day total payment for services due. Payment Method: (8)__ Pre Payment or __ 1/2 Down Payment.  

7. Term of Agreement. This agreement shall become effective: (9)_______________________ and shall continue in effect until: (10)_______________________ or until terminated in accordance with this agreement.

8. Termination of this Agreement. This agreement may be terminated by either party on sixty (60) days notice to the other party. All such notices shall be by phone call, email, certified mail or delivered personally. Any and all monies owed shall immediately either be refunded or due upon such termination.

9. Entire Agreement. This contract expresses the entire agreement between the Client and BILLING PROS regarding this matter. This agreement can only be modified with another written agreement signed by both the Client and BILLING PROS. This agreement shall be binding upon both the Client and BILLING PROS and their respective heirs, legal representatives and successors in interest.

10. Legal Fees. If either party brings a law suit in order to enforce or interpret the provisions of this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney's fees in addition to any other relief to which that party may be entitled.

11. Governing Law. This agreement shall be interpreted according to the laws of the State of (11) CALIFORNIA .

12. Independent Contractors. Both BILLING PROS and the Client agree that the relationship created by this agreement is that of independent contractor and not that of employee and employer. BILLING PROS is responsible for its payment of any taxes, including without limitation, all Federal, State and local personal and business income taxes, sales and use taxes, other business taxes and license fees arising out of the activities of BILLING PROS.

13. Signatures. Both the Client and SAM G. MORIARITY (owner, BILLING PROS) have read and agreed to this agreement.

Witnessed or Attested by:




PERRIS, CA 92570
(951) 940-8384


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