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7/22/20 Free Email Billing till 8/22/20.  This is a great opportunity to try our email billing service. Usually is 50 cents an email bill sent but now is free.

7/22/20 Email Billing Problem Fixed.  If any of you sent email bills in the last 30 days, there is a good chance your customers did not receive them. We suggest that you send them again for free. You can add a line in the additional customer information field in your Statement / Invoice saying: "We sent this bill again just incase you did not receive our first billing email" Please understand that email billing should only be a follow up method to your paper billing and mailing. Although our email billing has been ultra stable for well over 10 years, there are many issues that can happen in which Billing Pros can not control for example: your customers mail server could be down, your customer mail server could be resetting when you send your email billing, our mail server could be resetting, a customers mail box could have reached their limit, your internet connection drops while sending etc,. There are many things that can happen. That is why paper is always the best option.

7/22/20 Email Billing Problem Fixed.  During a main server reset, it seems one of our Hosting Companies Admins shut the email billing, send mail account off! We spent the last 3 days trouble shooting the issue directly to the Dallas Texas mail server. This issue has now been resolved. Because of this problem - we have set everyone to free email billing for the next 30 days. If you ever notice any email billing issues please let us know, right away. We are beyond upset for the complete incompetence of the so called Admins at Hostgator. As a 30 year programmer, nothing drives me more crazy than these kids today working in IT.

1/13/20 Final 2019 Billing and Mailing Completion Email.  If you need your final 2019 Billing and Mailing Completion email for your 2019 taxes, please let us know so we can re-send it to you.

12/18/18 $0.05 Cent Postal Increase.  We just received a phone call from the United States Postal Service about the new January 27th 2019 increase.  Starting January 27 2019 all first class stamps will now cost 55 cents which is a 5 cent increase.

3/10/18 Postal Increase.  Someone asked us the other day why the 1 penny increase?  On January 23 the USPS increased all 1st class mailings by 1 cent.

3/5/18 New Website & Cell Phone Ready Completion. The new Billing Pros site is finished and will work in all cell phones.  You can now easily use your cell phone the same way you do using your PC.  Paper Bill and Email Bill all your customers directly from your cell phone.  Be sure to clear your PC History and Cell Phone History to see all the new features.  

3/1/18 Complete Website Update. We are working on modernizing the Billing Pros Website, page codes and scripts. We are also making the site mobile friendly... so soon you will have a seamless integration into your cell phone. Because this site is huge it is possible we may have missed something or broke something we did not notice in our testing... please let us know if you find any issues.

11/26/17  Old Data Removed.  All the old data in your Billing History has been removed. We usually let customers keep over 1 year of past transactions in their Billing History.

9/5/17 Have You Changed Your Phone Number Or Email Address?.  We just had a customer who has been using or services for several years. They use our online billing and mailing program and failed to notify us of their new email address and phone number in which they changed over 11 months ago. They had no balance when they sent us their Billing and Mailing request,, we "Did Not"! send out their billing and mailing. We emailed them twice with the "Billing and Mailing Denied" email but no response. We then called them and their number was no longer correct. 1 Month later when they noticed their customers were not sending them payments, we received a call from them, wondering if we sent out their billing and mailing?. So, in summary: It is very important we have your correct email address and phone number. Your phone number is on your statement / invoice and is what you are telling your customers your phone number is, it can also be useful to us if we need to call you with any problem. The email address is used by us "only" to send you the "Billing and Mailing Denied" email or the "Billing and Mailing Completion" email which has your whole billing history including dates and current balance. It is always a good idea to send your self a paper billing statement / invoice once-in-a-while to make sure all your information is still correct.

11/18/16 Account Balances.  We are finding a lot of customers are sending their Mailing Requests with out the funds in their account to adequately cover the cost of their mailings. This may not seem important but when we have over 800 customers and one third are $2.00 to $1,000.00 short this creates a huge problem. Last month we carried over $8,700.00 in mailings for customers that did not have enough money in their account to cover their mailing costs. We will, no longer send out any mailing request unless there is exactly enough in your account to cover the total mailing costs. When you receive our "Billing and Mailing Completion" email you will see either : Special Notes: None. or Special Notes: Balance Low. which means, based on your previous billing history, that you will most likely not have enough money in your account to cover another mailing.


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= system is being worked on, updated or experiencing problems.
= system has new features, changes or important customer information.


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